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Based in Paxico, Kansas, Russell Cattle Co. & Supply provides cattle nutrition products, professional consultation services and cattle genetics.  Learn more about our products and service offerings below.


Russell Cattle Co. & Supply is a family owned business operated by Stephen and Dixie Russell and family. We take pride in making better beef. We are advocates for agriculture. Our full-time work, Stephen at the Kansas Livestock Association and Dixie at Cogent Ideas, Inc., is all about beef and agriculture, too.


Questions? Send us a message using the form below or call us at (785) 636-8902. Thanks for stopping by!



EZ mix, NeoTec$
colostrum supplement, colostrum replacement, Perfect Udder
mineral, pre-mix, cattle mineral, ration balancer

Vigortone Ag Products

  • Mineral

  • Pre-Mix & Ration Balancer

  • Forage Pro Protein Supplements & Tubs

  • Feed ingredients & medications

  • Ration formulation services



Genesis Colostrum Products

  • Easy, safe and high quality. Watch the video!

  • Genesis 50 colostrum supplement and Genesis 150 colostrum replacement

  • Just add water to the Perfect Udder pouch, mix and attach feeding tube or nipple.

Cargill Animal Nutrition 

  • Right Now, Cattle Grazers and NutreBeef Weatherized Mineral with Superior All-Weather Technology

  • Nutrena feeds and cubes

  • Equine, pet and wildlife products

  • Call for special pricing on cubes!


  • Mineral feeders

  • Water tanks

  • Silage pile weights

Russell Cattle Company, Russell Cattle Co. & Supply, Artificial Insemination, AI, semen, genetics

Russell Cattle Company

  • Producing top-quality registered Angus cattle

  • Bulls available. Call or email for details.

Select Sires

  • Providing superior beef genetics

  • Professional Artificial Insemination (AI) service

  • See the bulls: 


Dried Distillers Grains

  • Cubes

  • Protein Tubs

Little Buster Toys

  • Realistic and durable! 

  • View brochure

  • Call to place your order! (online ordering currently unavailable)

Additional products include: Nurture milk replacer, Progressive Nutrition equine products and Promote Forage Managment products.





Veterinary Feed Directive

Beef Quality Assurance

  • Creating a safe, wholesome and healthy beef supply

  • Providing information and tools for the competitive business

Creating Connections

  • Cattle well-being, stockmanship and horsemanship training

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